Screening Tool for Indirect Lighting

The values already entered in certain cells are examples, generally using national average data. Replace them with values that correspond to your own situation.

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Electricity cost ($/kWh)
Direct lighting
Indirect lighting alternative 1
Indirect lighting alternative 2
Lamp typea
Number of lamps/fixture
Number of fixtures
Total length (feet)
Cost/fixture (US$)
Cost/foot (US$)
Lamp cost (US$)
Labor rate (US$/h)
Installation time (hours)
Lamp power (watts)
Lamp life (hours)
Number of lamps
Total equipment cost (US$)
Installation cost (labor) (US$)
Total installed cost (US$)
Total lighting power (watts)
Annual lighting energy use (kWh)b
Annual lighting energy cost (US$)
Annual cooling energy (kWh)c
Annual cooling energy cost (US$)
Annual relamping cost (US$/y)
Annual operating cost (US$/y)
Installed cost premium (US$)
Annual operating cost savings (US$)d
Simple payback (y)

Notes: h = hour; kWh = kilowatt-hour; NA = Not applicable; y = year.
a. Data in this row is descriptive only and will not effect calculations.
b. Assuming 4,000 operating hours/yr.
c. Assuming 80% of input power becomes a cooling load, and cooling coefficient of performance = 3.4.
d. Ignore payback calculation if annual operating cost savings are less than zero.