Underfloor Air Systems

Underfloor air systems, in which raised-access floors serve as plenums for distributing cooled air throughout buildings, are growing in popularity in North America. The potential benefits of underfloor air distribution include improved thermal comfort, improved indoor air quality, reduced energy use, and improved flexibility for office moves. Although slow to catch on in North America at first, the burgeoning underfloor air distribution industry is feeding itself in an upward spiral today.

As more systems are installed, manufacturers have more examples to point to when trying to sell builders and designers on the technology. The knowledge base is also growing, giving engineers and designers more information and confidence that they can produce successful projects. At the same time, new products are being introduced and new manufacturers are entering the market to take advantage of the growing demand. On the user side, many companies today are looking for ways to cut the costs associated with frequent office reconfigurations. And underfloor air systems, together with raised floors, are helping them do just that.

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